The region of “Les Plateaux” in Ouyoun As Siman (Kfardebiane disctrict) is a "gated community" run by a nonprofit association known as "Le Comité des plateaux de Ouyoun As Siman”. Property development of “Les Plateaux” region was initially undertaken by the Company FAST whose founding partners were Messrs. Sami and Nicolas Geammal, Dr. Emile Riachi, Dr. George Zebouni and Mr. Robert Nassif. The shareholders of FAST, led by Sami Geammal, were behind the ski resort Ouyoun As Siman (Mzaar Kfardebiane) where FAST has built the very first chalets (Cité 1, near the actual Intercontinental Mzaar Hotel) and the first ski lift (at the location of the current "Refuge"), before Sheikh Salim El Khazen took over with the company "Mzaar Winter Sports and Tourism", which operates a chairlift at the location of the current "Jabal Dib." The region known as “Les Plateaux” was the second phase of property development by FAST in Ouyoun As Siman, on a hill adjacent to the ski slopes.

After the dissolution of the company FAST in the 80s, a solution was thought to allow owners in “Les Plateaux” region to continue receiving services previously provided by this company. In the absence of any state or municipal service, all amenities like road maintenance, snow removal, lighting, water distribution, electricity distribution, urban planning, etc., had to be provided.

Thus, in 1987, the association called Comité des Propriétaires – Ouyoun As Siman – Plateaux 2-3-4&5 (« Le Comité ») was formed. This association includes all owners of properties that are attached to the lot No.6613 – Kfardebiane, which is actually a private road connecting all these properties and composed of a main road and streets, secondary roads and staircases. Membership in the association is a right for all residents of “Les Plateaux” but is on a voluntary basis. It is remarkable that today 100% of property owners have joined the association and pay their contribution in a timely manner. This is a unique example in Lebanon as an act of faith that each citizen understands the interest of the collective over the individual. In reality, the quality of long-term work of the successive “Comités” convinced the most skeptical and enabled the adhesion of all property owners to the goals and actions of this association. By successive agreements, the municipality of Kfardebiane has delegated to the "Comité" a number of duties concerning the management, maintenance and safety of the Plateaux region. Nowadays, the Plateaux are a haven of peace for people who want to enjoy both the comfort that is brought by the infrastructure and the “teams” of the "Comité", the safety and well-being that are provided by the internal regulations and the constant improvement of the landscape thanks to constant efforts in urban planning and green spaces.



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